Hello. It's been a long time. I have translated many of my latest projects and documents. I have hidden the all Turkish content except the document about the A* algorithm. I will translate it but I decided to keep it for a while because of the time issue. Also, there are a lot of old projects of mine are waiting to be translated.


Interest & Functional Areas:
System Programming, Operating Systems, System Architecture, Embedded Systems, Algorithms

Research Area:
Theory of Computation

• 14 years’ experience in software development
• Expertise in “C, C++, Visual C++, x86/x64 Assembly” languages
• Knowledge in “Java, C#, VHDL, Python” languages
• Delphi and Pascal languages (left for a long time ago)
• Deep knowledge of operating system internals and computer architecture
• Deep knowledge of Windows and Linux (based) operating systems
• Real-time operating systems (VxWorks 653, MQX Lite)
• Embedded Systems (PIC, Arduino, Freescale)
• Reverse Engineering, Debugging skills (Ollydbg, IDA Pro)
• Knowledge of socket programming, network protocols, OSI Model.
• Software Development Life Cycle Models
• Object Oriented Design and Design patterns.
• Unified Modeling Language (UML)
• Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions (SSE)
• OpenGL
• Web (PHP, Javascript, Ajax) (as hobby)
• Database (Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL)
• General knowledge about digital attacks and protection techniques
• Fast learner and problem solver

Hobbies & Activities
 Reading science, philosophy, art books.
• Writing.
• Going to cinema at least one per a week,
• Drawing pictures, cartoons.
 Visiting historical places.

Professional Work Experience:
I worked as a R&D / Software Engineer in various Defense Industry, Software Security and Finance companies. I took part in the research and development and design phases of the following projects;

 Forex Trading Softwares for Large Scaled Systems
• Link 16 Tactical Data Link System for Turkish Military (C-130 Aircraft modernization group)
• Anti Reverse Engineering Software R&D for Defense Industry
• Automated Malware Analysis and Classification Software R&D for Android OS
• Academic Steganography Software Research
• Academic Fluid Simulation Research

I’m a computer engineer, system programmer and independent computer science researcher from Turkey. I was born in Bursa, Turkey on July 4, 1988. I started programming at age 13 and developed numerous softwares, both professionally and as a hobby. I worked for cyber security and defense industry companies and currently doing my job.

My software development education started at anatolian technical high school (Computer Software Program), formally, in addition to self-education. At first, I learned and used Pascal and Delphi programming languages while they were common. Later, I chose C, C++, VC++ and Assembly programming languages and system programming as a career path. Also, I was interested in reverse engineering. I wrote and published lots of small and middle-sized applications, scripts on the internet. Thousands of people downloaded them from the most popular internet sites (tamindir, gezginler, etc) of Turkey and used them. I started to develop my own programming language (FireX) when I was at high school and completed it. I wrote compiler, linker, assembler and integrated development environment for Win32 platforms from scratch.

After graduation from high school with honors, I wanted to become a computer engineer. But, in an absurd way, Turkey’s ex-politicians restricted technical high schools. It was only possible to go into "computer education and instructional technology" or you had to go to associate degree and pass an examination to go into computer engineering. The second path was too risky because of poorly designed and unstable education system of Turkey. Unwillingly, I placed a university with examination for "computer instructional tech." and left it in the first year. Later, I decided to choose the second path and took risk. By the way, this rule was cancelled later. But, unluckily, I had already started associate degree, “Computer Technologies and Programming” in this period. I graduated from there with high honors (ranked first), passed a national exam, went into computer engineering, dealt with too many formation courses in a limited time and graduated from computer engineering with honors. Bad education system of a developing country is so tiring and time-consuming. I proceed my self-education about computer science in this time to avoid losing time as much as possible.

While I was studying computer engineering. I started to write a custom operating system (not Linux based) from scratch for scientific calculations. Now, it still continues. I am going to integrate my arbitrary precision arithmetic library to this OS. Software development is a passion of mine and I love making and trying new things.

Also, I’m interested in science(general). I have a science site which is named “”. It means “science city”. I wrote and published lots of articles there in Turkish language about math, physics, defense tech, biology, etc. There are hundreds of followers of it. Now, I will open another website which is named “”and it is going to be English version of the "".


Alp Güleç